Over the hills

May 31st, 2008 by Ross

I took a day off in Halls Gap, did some washing, shopped in the most expensive grocery store in Australia, and did some hiking. All in preparation for this one, right out of the town the road starts to climb immediately, according to MapMyRide gaining 280m in the first 2.5km which is a little bit steep for me on my fixed gear. So in preparation I did a few clicks warm-up and started up. The road is deceptive, it didn’t appear that steep with all the trees around to see the angles but could I feel it in my legs. Within 500m I was almost on my knees, grinding out 11km/h – anything slower and I couldn’t maintain forward momentum. Not particularly heroic speeds but I made it to the Wonderland car park and the glorious reward of a break and some bush walks.
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The Grampians

May 30th, 2008 by Ross

Dunkeld is the southern gateway to the Grampians and after my arrival I picked up some leaflets about walking trails and took off. I arrived in town too late to be able to climb any of the peaks, each one is a few hours return trip and being winter time, daylight is at a premium but there were plenty of other options which kept me busy. Once again the temperature dropped below freezing during the night, I awoke sometime around 2am and could see the condensation droplets had frozen on the inside of the tent. Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect ride to Dunkeld

May 29th, 2008 by Ross

My map is an atlas of the entire county so it’s level of detail is pretty low, not a problem in the remote areas but in Victoria there are many more options. I always ask locals for alternate routes, things to see that I’m not aware of from tourist information etc. and usually is works out pretty well. I followed the instructions I got yesterday evening as best I could and had an excellent day on the bike. After leaving the main route the road was completely empty, the entire 60 or so kilometers I was riding to Dunkeld I didn’t pass, see or hear a single car. And the roads were butter smooth, no bumps or vibrations to deal with which made riding so much more enjoyable. Pretty scenery, gentle rolling hills, the sun out in full, it was warm and only the slightest breeze. All in all a perfect day to be on a bicycle!


May 28th, 2008 by Ross

Due to a storm the previous night in Cressy with some torrential rain some of my things were a little wet so I laid it all out to give it a chance to dry out in the morning sun. It was pretty cold so it took a little time but my legs were not complaining about the extra rest they were getting. Late in the morning I eventually got going following the same road to the town of Mortlake. I met some guys working along the road, one of whom managed the caravan park in Mortlake so I decided to make that my target for the day. As it was just 80 odd kilometers away I took my time. I arrived in town in the late afternoon and went to my stop for the night on the banks of the town lake, very picturesque.

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On the road again

May 27th, 2008 by Ross

I’m back on the road again and it’s good. I’ve got to admit I was very apprehensive starting out again, that last thing I wanted was another ‘false start’ but its going well. All told today I only covered 65km from Geelong to Cressy and my legs hurt for it. The only cause for concern is holding up well, it feels no worse for the days exertions, which I’m very, very pleased about.
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A New Beginning…

May 25th, 2008 by Ross

Tomorrow I’m beginning all over again. My arm does not hurt so much any more, I’m still getting pins and needles, some trouble sleeping and it’s not all that strong but it’s good enough to ride and I’m really feeling the need to get going again. I’ve had to make a few modifications to the plan too which I’m not all that happy about but necessary if I want to go.
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Injury update

May 17th, 2008 by Ross

Things are still on hold. After the fall a few weeks ago I’ve not been able to ride the bike at all. All though there is some pain, it’s not bad. The real problem is that I’ve still got no strength in my arm, and I constantly feel like I’m getting shocks when I grip the handlebar. Another major concern is wearing is wearing a backpack. I still can’t seem to cope with any stress on it at all. On a quick ride yesterday to see how it would go I lost control after hitting a bump and ran into a wall grazing my knuckles and elbow.

Its not ideal or fun but I’ve just got to wait this out until I can continue travelling again.

Adventure is on hold

May 8th, 2008 by Ross

Due to the nature of my little injury I’ve returned to Melbourne to stay with some friends. I waited for a week in Geelong but this is not going to heal quickly. The doctor I saw said that a few days rest would help but could take weeks. I was hoping that would be the case but a week after the fall I can’t grip the handlebars or wear a backpack. Sleeping has been a major problem too. I like to sleep on my side and whenever I roll onto my left arm it wakes me. I can’t sleep very well on my back fo some reason – I’m having to learn now though. So until I’m fit to ride all I can do is wait and I may as well do that with friends…

A little trouble already…

May 1st, 2008 by Ross

Due to a rather inconvenient accident the ride has been stalled somewhat. On the morning of the second day I fell awkwardly, going head over heels, landing on some rocks hurting my lower back and shoulder on my left side. It was just outside Geelong and after continuing for a little while the pain became unbearable so I turned back to town. Figuring a little rest may be in order I checked into a hostel for a night hoping to be ready to roll again the next day.
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Le Grand Départ

April 28th, 2008 by Ross

After a little longer than anticipated I was finally ready to go. I’d picked up the last few bits needed to finish the bike, built the wheels, and sorted out the gear I’m taking. The morning of my departure, a few people had gathered to escort me out of the city. There were eight in total, which was a pretty good turnout considering that the previous day was ANZAC day and the morning was very grey and promised showers.
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