Enter The Flinders

June 25th, 2008 by Ross

Not long after leaving Mannahill the scenery started to change. The eastern end of the Flinders Ranges provided some nice hills and curvy bends on the road. Another treat was that there was roadworks going on too. The upshot being that the shoulders had just been graded and packed by rollers. The surface was butter smooth, for about 25 clicks it was like I was floating along until I actually caught up to the works. It didn’t seem like it but I must have been steadily climbing for a while. After cresting a rise I had a 10km descent back down the other side which was fun for a while but started to hurt near the end – controlling the bike with the extra weight in the panniers takes a bit of effort.
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The Barrier Highway

June 24th, 2008 by Ross

Departing from Broken Hill I went west along the Barrier Highway. The wind was still blowing quite strong and from the south west, making progress slow. I had a late breakfast with my friend Linda, she treated me to a gourmet breakfast of salmon and eggs. A rather good way to start any day. The Barrier Highway goes west through Broken Hill into South Australia and onto Adelaide. I’ll be following it as far as the Flinders Ranges foothills and then getting onto quieter roads – not that this can be described as busy.

Thanks in part to the late start I only went past the South Australia border before stopping for the evening. The ground is very rocky out here and I found a nice spot to camp, nice and sandy in a run-off area so easily levelled. The only drawback was that it was near the railway. I’ve camped near railways before and the noise didn’t wake me so it’s no problem.
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Around Broken Hill

June 22nd, 2008 by Ross

I spent a few days in Broken Hill, checking out the various things to see. One of the places I’d been told about by almost everyone I’ve met was a town called Silverton which is about 30km from Broken Hill. So I headed out there to see what they were talking about and I was not disappointed. It’s like a town that the rest of the outback forgot although now it’s a carefully cultivated appearance. The hotel there has been used in numerous movies such as Mad Max (that car he drove is there) and each of the different signs it’s been seen as are still there. A little further there is a lookout over the Mundi Mundi plains. It’s an awesome sight. For as far as the eye can see in front there is nothing, just the barely perceptable curve of the earth. The day I cycled out there of course I’d taken my memory card out of my camera to transfer the images and forgot to put it back again. So no images unfortunately.
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Lack of images

June 18th, 2008 by Ross

Apologies for the lack of images but I’m having trouble finding anywhere with internet access. At the moment I’m in the library in Broken Hill and the connection is so slow that I have to keep trying to repost anything I attempt to put online as the connection keeps timing out.  I do have some photos, and when I can will get them online. There are no internet cafes, and the McDonalds, which does have wireless internet access does not sell access and the Telstra dealers who should be able to can’t for some reason???

You’d swear I was in the outback 😉

Broken Hill

June 16th, 2008 by Ross

I stopped at the Coombah roadhouse for some liquids, bought a bottle of water and some lemonade, enough to get me to Broken Hill. I’m back in the outback here, there is little traffic, no houses, no water and the bore-water that is available tastes like seawater it’s so salty. I continued on past the roadhouse for another 40km or so, found a decent spot to camp, leveled a site and called it a night. That’s pretty much how it is in the outback on the bike.

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Great Darling AnaBranch

June 13th, 2008 by Ross
Bush Camping
Typical night in the bush

A week after landing in Mildura and a after short trip to see some friends before they departed this country I took to the road again. The plan from Mildura is jut go straight north to Broken Hill, where the outback begins again and where for me at least it feel like the main part of the journey begins. First off is a 300km jaunt with just one roadhouse to break up the journey.
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June 4th, 2008 by Ross

Out of Ouyen I just followed the road north to Mildura, about 35km into the journey I passed theroadhouse at Hattah. What was amusing about it was the big direction sign out the front. New York 18788km, Dehli 8781km all fair enough, I’ve no idea how far but they seem reasonable. However Singapore 17035km? Doesn’t seem quite right. As you can guess it was a quiet morning. Mildura is on the banks of the Murray and as a result has access to water for irrigation, a fact they exploit fully. The region around here produces much of the fruit, grapes, oranges etc. for Australia and throughout the region is nothing but row upon row of vines and orange groves.
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Sea Lake

June 3rd, 2008 by Ross

I arrived in Sea Lake this afternoon with a little passenger. When I was opening my bag to get lunch I found a little, or should I say not so little huntsman spider in my gear. When I first saw one of these in my tent almost 2 years ago I nearly lost control of certain bodily functions, now I think nothing of it. This guy wasn’t very big as they go but easily dwarfs anything you’ll ever see in Ireland or the UK.
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June 2nd, 2008 by Ross

From Brim I had a pretty uneventful day, the wind has picked up – not favourably – and made it a hard day in the saddle. My left shoulder is still extremely sore and I felt it every bit of the way today but enough about that. At a place called Beulah there was a rest area with a tree trunk painted to look like a cyclist with a fixed gear bike. I took an obligatory cheesy picture and will upload it when I can find a decent Internet connection. At the end of the day I found myself in a place called Woomelang. It was so quiet it was almost like a ghost town. I found a picnic table and cooked my evening meal. I’d been getting ‘evil’ text messages about this delicious stew I missed in Melbourne so I decided to make my own.
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The Mallee

June 1st, 2008 by Ross

For the fourth night in a row the temperature was below freezing, very unusual in Horsham where it went 12 below the normal average for this time of year. I stayed in a caravan park a few kilometers outside Horsham and sat around a campfire and had a few drinks with some guys there. They brought the beer, cream cheese, dips and crackers, I brought Hob-Nobs and tea later on. I’d found an Aldi store in Horsham and they had large packs of Hobnobs for $3 in addition to the other goodness that resides within. They’d never tried them before but the entire pack was demolished before we called it a night, had to make another pit-stop for a second pack in the morning before moving on.
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