Hard Work

This evening I made it to Coober Pedy. I’m going to take a few days here to explore a little but I’m really looking forward to some rest. The wind has been making the ride north very hard. The last two days I’ve been averaging only 17km/h. According to the newspapers the wind is averaging over 30km/h with gusts of 60+.

This morning in particular was tough, it was very cold and raining when I got up. It wasn’t raining heavily but enough to get wet and really feel the cold. In the first two hours I only covered 29km with no stops but it eased a little after that thankfully. With about 30km to go to Coober Pedy and still raining, a guy in a pickup truck stopped and offered me a lift. I was sorely tempted, but 30km wasn’t too far left to go. I’m not sure what would have happened if I was 130km away :).

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