From Port Augusta the Stuart Highway travels straight through the centre of the continent up to the coast in Darwin. As far as I’m aware there are no hills or ranges to cross on the way to Alice Springs, which is 1200km away and 500m above sea-level. So it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s going to be a pretty flat run. And for the first three days thats exactly what it’s been. There have been a few little lumps along the way, nothing worth taking about.

My second day north of Port Augusta I passed Woomera and stopped at Lake Hart. It was a pretty roadside stop, with loads of good quiet camping areas. Not long after I arrived, one guy stopped on his way to Darwin and he gave me some apples, oranges and a little chocolate. Some of the people I meet are brilliant.
Next morning there was barely a puff of wind and it felt wonderful. I got to the roadhouse at Glendambo in just about three hours, I was absolutely flying and after all the days struggling into head winds it felt good to be moving at such a nice clip. I was spinning at about 110 – 120 rpm. Honestly I haven’t felt this good on a bike in a quite some time, it seems that I may be getting some benefit from the windy conditions.

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