Another Cyclist

It’s rare that I bump into other cyclists on the road but today I met a German called Michael. He’s been in Australia for 10 months when we met, his route taking him from Adelaide, around the east coast and back down through the centre. Safe travels back to Adelaide.

I’d left Port augusta in the morning, it was drizzling a little but the wind was a very gentle north-westerly unlike yesterday’s gales and I was grateful. The road is almost pan flat and for the first 40km there is just desert grass befoe the scrub starts to turn to Mallee bush. 80km north the road rises up a little onto an almost imperceptable plateaux – 20m rise if even that – but the change in vegetation is huge. Suddenly the bushes are gone and all thats left is spinifex and stony gibber desert-like patches with nothing growing at all.

I kept going ’til dusk giving myself just enough time to get my tent up before it got pitch black. I headed about 150m away from the road, far enough away to make the traffic almost silent. I picked a nice level spot too and after a quick bite to eat fell asleep.

2 Responses to “Another Cyclist”

  1. caoimhin de bhailis Says:

    hey ross. just back from fishing in cork harbour. the rain was torrential and the sea rough water water everywhere. guess who caught his first fish stephen sherlock. I told him i would get in touch via the site when he told me about it.

  2. Loli Says:

    eoooo, where are you now then?? lost track of you! out of aussie land yet??