Damn wind!

What an absolute crock of a day. The wind was so bad as to make it dangerous to be on the bike. So bad that I came off twice! The first time was a nothing slide on some gravel, but the second resulted in my camera bag hitting the deck hard and breaking my videocamera. My other camera is also reporting a lens error intermittently. That and I fell on my left arm again. Kudos to the Rapha Fixed shorts, even though my hip took a beating they have no visible damage. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be hard to get worse, the only way is up from now on… I hope (incidentaly thats the way the route is going from here too! 🙂 )

I left Quorn in the morning having seen on the news that there was warning about possible structural damage due to strong winds!!! Not exactly what I was hoping for and better still was that it was a westerly which meant a headwind. In the first hour I covered only 14km and some of this was downhill! To see how bad the wind was on a straight part with about a 5% gradient I clipped out and took my legs off the pedals. Speed went from 21km/h down to 9km/h. Ordinarily I’d be spinning out on this. But my little experiment was a mistake, a bullet gust caught me off guard and I got pushed onto gravel where the wheels went out from under me. It happened slowly though so no big deal, just a scratch on my shin. The second incident was much less pleasant.

I was riding down the Pichi Richi pass into a stiff wind. In a valley I was turning right (and so leaning to my right) when a gust coming up the valley hit me so hard that I didn’t even have time to counter-steer left and it pushed me over. I hit the ground pretty hard, my hip got the worst of it and my left arm took another knock, but the damaged cameras was the most irritating bit. Upon inspection of the bike I noticed one of the clips holding a pannier is cracked so I’ll have to keep a close eye on that. When I cleared the hills and got near the coast the gusts became less of a problem and when I got to Port Augusta, I cut my losses for the day – 44km covered.

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