Hawker & Quorn

The next day I did some more bush walks around the station. I wandered off the trails but it was impossible to get lost with the huge escarpment of Wilpena Pound always in sight. I was really enjoying myself. I got back to the camp the afternoon, had some food, packed up and hit the road south. Hawker is only 40km away and with only around 2 hours of full daylight left I wasn’t going to be going much further than that.

Next day I only made it as far as Quorn, another 66km south-west. Ordinarily I’d even think this was a nice ride but the wind was stong and it was just a long, hard slog. By the afternoon when I arrived in Quorn I’d averaged 19.4km/h and apart from tired legs my left shoulder was in agony. It had been pretty good the last few days but by the time I got to Quorn it hurt to hold my arm in any position other than with the fingers hooked onto the collar of my jersey. There is a hostel in Quorn and I figured that maybe sleeping in a bed might help so I checked in. Or at least I tried to, the place was open and no one about so I made myself comfortable. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t call in nextdoor when a car arrived around 10pm, I could have stayed without anyone knowing. I need good Karma though, I want this problem in my shoulder to go away….

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