Wilpena Pound

Today I got up at dawn and rode to Wilpena pound. Most of the walking trails are based from here so I picked up a map and set off to Marys Peak, the tallest point in South Australia. What I didn’t realise until I got to the first good photo opportunity was that I’d forgot to put the memory card back in the camera after I finished copying the last set of images. Thats the second time this has happened which is not saying much for my mental well-being! What I have now discovered is that this camera does not give any indication that there is no memory card present until after you’ve taken a picture, and tried to review it. Not the best design decision but still no excuse for doing it twice in two weeks!

From the Northern end with the sun behind the views were stunning, it was a quite hazy due to the strong winds rising dust into the air. In the afternoon I got back to my camp, grabbed a memory card and started out up Rawnsley Bluff on the southern end of the Pound. If you look at the images I took later in the day from there you can see just how hazy it was, the views are incredible but colours are washed out and highlights are blown out. My camera doesn’t have great dynamic range and suffers a little in exactly these conditions. Still got some nice sunset shots.

On my was back from the Bluff, it was dusk and along the trail which runs through grass pastures back to the camp, there was wildlife everywhere. No exaggeration, there were at least 100 kangaroos and wallabies in the first clearing I walking into and a little further on I saw an Emu with five little ones in tow. I’ve seen more Emu since leaving Mildura than I’ve seen in the entire rest of my travels. Maybe because this area is inside the Dingo Fence they are less suceptable to dog attacks? Whatever the reason, there are plenty around.

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