The Flinders Ranges

As promised by the met service, the winds had changed. When I got up there was a gentle breeze blowing from the south west. Even though the third night is free, I was eager to take advantage of any tailwinds which promise to be very rare until I get north of Coober Pedy. The prevailing wind in this region is west or north-westerly.

The ride north to Hawker was excellent, smooth road, rolling hills with a few short sharp bits for good measure and a nice tailwind. On the flat parts compared to previous days it felt like I was barely touching the pedals and still cruising at 30km/h. At Hawker I picked up a few provisions and headed out to Wilpena Pound another 60km away. The wind had switched again after lunch, a northerly, not too strong but enough to make me sweat a little. I wasn’t making great time so in the afternoon I stopped at Rawnsley Park Station for the day. They have 100 acres set aside near the homestead for bush camping so I made thet my base and paid for a few nights. I could have camped in the National Park but it’s actually more expensive with entry fees etc for fewer facilities. The station is roght outside Wilpena Pound on the southern end and only 23km from the resort which is just a short spin there and back. Makes perfect sense to stay here 🙂

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