Enter The Flinders

Not long after leaving Mannahill the scenery started to change. The eastern end of the Flinders Ranges provided some nice hills and curvy bends on the road. Another treat was that there was roadworks going on too. The upshot being that the shoulders had just been graded and packed by rollers. The surface was butter smooth, for about 25 clicks it was like I was floating along until I actually caught up to the works. It didn’t seem like it but I must have been steadily climbing for a while. After cresting a rise I had a 10km descent back down the other side which was fun for a while but started to hurt near the end – controlling the bike¬†with the extra weight in the panniers takes a bit of effort.

There were lots of good places to camp here, in the hills rainfall is more common so there was plenty of vegetation and grassy spots. Still I continued on towards Peterborough as the sun was setting, I figured on getting some milk and having a tastier breakfast. Just a few kms before town there was a rest area and I saw a campfire going which sealed the decision to stop. The had a billy going and no sooner than I arrived I was enjoying a nice cuppa. It gets pretty cold out here at night, dropping to below freezing so sitting around the campfire was very, very welcome.

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