Around Broken Hill

I spent a few days in Broken Hill, checking out the various things to see. One of the places I’d been told about by almost everyone I’ve met was a town called Silverton which is about 30km from Broken Hill. So I headed out there to see what they were talking about and I was not disappointed. It’s like a town that the rest of the outback forgot although now it’s a carefully cultivated appearance. The hotel there has been used in numerous movies such as Mad Max (that car he drove is there) and each of the different signs it’s been seen as are still there. A little further there is a lookout over the Mundi Mundi plains. It’s an awesome sight. For as far as the eye can see in front there is nothing, just the barely perceptable curve of the earth. The day I cycled out there of course I’d taken my memory card out of my camera to transfer the images and forgot to put it back again. So no images unfortunately.

I did plan on going out there as Daydream Mine is just a few km from Silverton which was another trip. I planned to go to the mine and then head back to Silverton to get a few photos. Thats was the plan anyway but it didn’t turn out quite so. The mine turnoff is just 5km from Silverton but the road to the mine is actually about 15km of dirt instead of 3 km as I was told. A fixed gear roadbike is not the best choice of vehicle for the conditions. The road surface was not too bad but my bike was not really able for it. The surface was sandy and makes it feel like riding on marbles. Meant it took a lot longer to get in and out and by the time I made it back to the paved road there was only 30 mins of daylight left.

I plan on coming back to some of these places on another mode of transport in the not too distant future so I don’t mind not getting some pictures.

One Response to “Around Broken Hill”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hey Ross
    Nice to read some updates! Not long now, huh?
    I finally got to go out to Umbereika Dam which is on the road past the Mundi Mundi look out. At the dam there is a road which goes along the length of it, then winds back to the entrance, but before you get to the entrance there is another lookout, which is MUCH better than Mundi Mundi – an ideal spot to have a glass of champers and watch the sunset (which I plan to do!)
    And when you drive back along that road, you see the hills roll away, very majestic.
    For next time you’re out this way!