Lack of images

Apologies for the lack of images but I’m having trouble finding anywhere with internet access. At the moment I’m in the library in Broken Hill and the connection is so slow that I have to keep trying to repost anything I attempt to put online as the connection keeps timing out.  I do have some photos, and when I can will get them online. There are no internet cafes, and the McDonalds, which does have wireless internet access does not sell access and the Telstra dealers who should be able to can’t for some reason???

You’d swear I was in the outback 😉

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  1. Linda Bond Says:

    Hi Ross
    I was walking back from dinner tonight and the moon was almost fill over the Miners’ Memorial and Restaurant on the Line of Lode.
    Which reminded me that I forgot to tell you about the comet which is in the sky at the moment which you can see with the naked eye.
    It is called Comet Boattini (or Boatini) and it is the first time it has been spotted in the sky.
    If you have the Southern Cross before, extrapolate a line from the centre of it down towards the lower RHS of the sky before you.
    It has a tail so it should be quite clear. I went to an Astronomy Club here and heard about it there. I think I could see it from the back of the hostel, so you should have no problem.
    I also learnt that with a film camera, you can set the exposure to B (open) and leave it open for 30 minutes and you should get some sky pictures out in the bush. So you can see if there’s an equivalent with your canon.
    Ride safely and enjoy the sky show!
    x Linda

  2. Linda Bond *URGENT* Says:

    *URGENT* Hi (again) – there is mail for you at the BH Hostel, from DJ in NMelb. Feels like metal parts for the bike.
    Would you like me to send it on? I would suggest 1) pick a hostel you may stay at about 2 weeks away from when you get this/reply to me 2)Let me know the address and I’ll express post it (and you can owe me a hot chocolate in Melbourne some time :-)) )
    Usually, the mail would be sent to Adelaide and then onto the next destination (ie not direct), so 1 week might not be enough but 2 weeks definitely.
    Lemme know what needs to be done.
    Alternatively, I am in Melbourne this weekend (28/6) and can drop it back to the sender.
    Stay Nice – Linda

  3. Linda Bond Says:

    And the latest just in:
    Evans gets number one bib for Tour de France

    July 1, 2008 – 8:15AM
    Australian rider Cadel Evans of the Silence team has been handed the top bib of number one, traditionally reserved for the winner of previous year’s Tour de France or his team, organisers said. Evans, runner-up in the 2007 Tour de France, has benefited from the absence of last year’s winner Alberto Contador of Spain and the dissolution of his Discovery Channel team. Last year, for the first time in the race’s history, the top bib number started at 11 as organisers decided to leave out 1-10 owing to American Floyd Landis’s absence from the race as he awaited an arbitration decision.
    This story was found at:

    So – he doesn’t HAVE to have the hunger to win – he can win by default!

    Keep pedallin’

  4. Michael Says:

    Hi Ross,
    here is Michael. We met somewehere north of Port Augusta. Iam right now in Adelaide but riding to Melbourne next week. Will be there until the 15. of September! Maybe we can go out for a beer and tell some storys and tales.

    Good Riding


    Camera+stars: if your camera have manual exposure up to 30sec its possible.
    But without a motor operated tripod you cant use longer times than that because of the earthmovement – depands also on the focal lenght.
    thats 25seconds at f2.8 and iso 200. 10mm