Broken Hill

I stopped at the Coombah roadhouse for some liquids, bought a bottle of water and some lemonade, enough to get me to Broken Hill. I’m back in the outback here, there is little traffic, no houses, no water and the bore-water that is available tastes like seawater it’s so salty. I continued on past the roadhouse for another 40km or so, found a decent spot to camp, leveled a site and called it a night. That’s pretty much how it is in the outback on the bike.

I’m taking a few days off here in Broken Hill. There are lots of little side trips around with plenty to see and do so it’s a good base. I’m not sure exactly why but even though it was only 91km to Broken Hill today, by the time I arrived it felt like I’d covered 250km. The last two days felt good, my legs feel OK. There was a headwind and it was a bit of a grind but still. Maybe it’s just tiredness, I’ve not had a full and decent night sleep since the fall, I keep waking up because of it and it’s especially difficult to get comfortable on the ground in a tent. Everybody I speak to tells me about the town of Silverton 30km or so outside Broken Hill. I’m looking forward to exploring around here. Some of the views on the way into town were phenomenal, nothing as far as the eye can see.

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