Great Darling AnaBranch

Bush Camping
Typical night in the bush

A week after landing in Mildura and a after short trip to see some friends before they departed this country I took to the road again. The plan from Mildura is jut go straight north to Broken Hill, where the outback begins again and where for me at least it feel like the main part of the journey begins. First off is a 300km jaunt with just one roadhouse to break up the journey.

About 20km out of Mildura I reached into my pocket to turn on my phone and check for messages before left mobile coverage for a few days. As luck would have it it wasn’t there, I’d left it plugged into the charger in Mildura which meant adding an extra 40km to the ride to Broken Hill. A side effect of lots of traffic in built-up areas is lots of broken glass, and before I’d clocked 50km to Wentworth I’d had 2 separate flats – only three so far which is not bad considering. The second happened in Wentworth, the meeting point of the Murray and Darling rivers so I repaired the holes and had lunch there. Not the ideal start to a day but I still made it to the Great Darling Anabranch for sundown.

I couldn’t really have asked for a better camping location. It’s a mostly dry river running parallel to the Darling which in times of flood gets filled. Not so now and there was an abundance of firewood. So I pitched up, and got a nice fire going. It gets cold at night so when I can I’ll try to have a campfire going, depends on availability of wood etc. There were lots of kangaroos around, saw a brown snake, loads of birds, then sitting around the fire for supper. It all seems pretty good to me, I’m really enjoying this..

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  1. Loli Says:

    Heyy!!!that picture is awesome!! hope you are doing ok and hopefully we will see more soon!!
    Take care of yourself!!!