Out of Ouyen I just followed the road north to Mildura, about 35km into the journey I passed theroadhouse at Hattah. What was amusing about it was the big direction sign out the front. New York 18788km, Dehli 8781km all fair enough, I’ve no idea how far but they seem reasonable. However Singapore 17035km? Doesn’t seem quite right. As you can guess it was a quiet morning. Mildura is on the banks of the Murray and as a result has access to water for irrigation, a fact they exploit fully. The region around here produces much of the fruit, grapes, oranges etc. for Australia and throughout the region is nothing but row upon row of vines and orange groves.

The traffic has an effect on the road surface and I suffered riding into Mildura. My left side was in agony. I had to keep stopping to take break, eventually every bump and peddle were jarring the nerve so I was very happy to get to Mildura. No sooner had I arrived than the heavens opened. I’d already decided to take a break in Mildura to rest it up and I was glad to be here now. I feel like it will need more than a few days, here’s to hoping I’m wrong.

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  1. hippy Says:

    Woo! Mildura! My home town(ish). Say hi to my Mum and Dad for me can you? đŸ™‚

    Keep spinning and grinning!