Sea Lake

I arrived in Sea Lake this afternoon with a little passenger. When I was opening my bag to get lunch I found a little, or should I say not so little huntsman spider in my gear. When I first saw one of these in my tent almost 2 years ago I nearly lost control of certain bodily functions, now I think nothing of it. This guy wasn’t very big as they go but easily dwarfs anything you’ll ever see in Ireland or the UK.

Sea Lake was hosting the Mallee rally the coming weekend but being 5 days away I didn’t feel the desire to see it strong enough to stop for the best part of a week. Could have been good, the vehicles are impressive. Anyhow after dropping off my passenger I continued up to the salt lake and beyond towards Ouyen. It’s been a northerly wind for the last week and I just kept my head down and kept the pedals turning until I made it to town. Ouyen is famous for it’s vanilla slice. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I didn’t need my arm twisted to have a sample. It’s not worth a trip to Ouyen for, but if you’re passing it’s definitely worth a stop.

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