From Brim I had a pretty uneventful day, the wind has picked up – not favourably – and made it a hard day in the saddle. My left shoulder is still extremely sore and I felt it every bit of the way today but enough about that. At a place called Beulah there was a rest area with a tree trunk painted to look like a cyclist with a fixed gear bike. I took an obligatory cheesy picture and will upload it when I can find a decent Internet connection. At the end of the day I found myself in a place called Woomelang. It was so quiet it was almost like a ghost town. I found a picnic table and cooked my evening meal. I’d been getting ‘evil’ text messages about this delicious stew I missed in Melbourne so I decided to make my own.
In the afternoon in Hopetoun I got some lamb, chopped into chunks and cooked it on a barbie with some veggies. I made up a soup and put the lot into my plactic container and hit the road again. In Woomelang I let it all cook on the simmer ring on my little stove for over an hour – in between heating water for tea of course. It made a delicious stew, with cheese sandwiches I was very satisfied with my efforts. I couldn’t be bothered looking for a proper place to camp, it was so quiet I just pitched my tent right there in the centre of town. The kids all found it very amusing in the morning on the way to school across the street 🙂

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