Over the hills

I took a day off in Halls Gap, did some washing, shopped in the most expensive grocery store in Australia, and did some hiking. All in preparation for this one, right out of the town the road starts to climb immediately, according to MapMyRide gaining 280m in the first 2.5km which is a little bit steep for me on my fixed gear. So in preparation I did a few clicks warm-up and started up. The road is deceptive, it didn’t appear that steep with all the trees around to see the angles but could I feel it in my legs. Within 500m I was almost on my knees, grinding out 11km/h – anything slower and I couldn’t maintain forward momentum. Not particularly heroic speeds but I made it to the Wonderland car park and the glorious reward of a break and some bush walks.

Beyond that the gradients were much more forgiving, there were a few short steep bits but nothing as tough as the first few kms. I spent a few hours at various lookouts along the way. It was a pretty overcast day which was a shame as the photos don’t really appear to do the views justice, but I was enthralled and the day was disappearing very rapidly. Having not done any shopping in the most expensive store in Australia (where even the fuel station was cheaper!) I needed to get to a town for some foodstuff. After coming down the other side of the ranges and leaving the Grampians the land was completely flat and with no winds at all I manage to end the day in Horsham having averaged 26.8km/h.

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