Due to a storm the previous night in Cressy with some torrential rain some of my things were a little wet so I laid it all out to give it a chance to dry out in the morning sun. It was pretty cold so it took a little time but my legs were not complaining about the extra rest they were getting. Late in the morning I eventually got going following the same road to the town of Mortlake. I met some guys working along the road, one of whom managed the caravan park in Mortlake so I decided to make that my target for the day. As it was just 80 odd kilometers away I took my time. I arrived in town in the late afternoon and went to my stop for the night on the banks of the town lake, very picturesque.

It never really warmed up during the day, barely made it to 13 degrees so it was going to be a cold night and being showered and in clean clothes makes a big difference, especially given how light my sleeping bag is. I got talking to some of the people staying there as you do and picked up an alternative route to the Grampians. I loved the accurate descriptions I got:

Somewhere outside of town there is a dip on the road, take the third right after that, follow that road for about 5 minutes and you’ll come to a crossroads. Go left and then take the next right again and you’ll be right.

Just like home.

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