On the road again

I’m back on the road again and it’s good. I’ve got to admit I was very apprehensive starting out again, that last thing I wanted was another ‘false start’ but its going well. All told today I only covered 65km from Geelong to Cressy and my legs hurt for it. The only cause for concern is holding up well, it feels no worse for the days exertions, which I’m very, very pleased about.

The weather in the time I’ve been faffing about in Melbourne has taken a turn for the cooler and wetter – by Australian standards. This means it’s only 15 degrees and it rains for 10 minutes every other week :). Heading out from Geelong along the Hamilton highway there were some pretty ominous black clouds hovering but as my luck would have it, the rain stayed away until well into the night. I camped out at the cricket oval in Cressy, a quiet town about 65km from Geelong.

One Response to “On the road again”

  1. Michael Holmes Says:

    Awesome! I’m really glad you’ve recovered!