A little trouble already…

Due to a rather inconvenient accident the ride has been stalled somewhat. On the morning of the second day I fell awkwardly, going head over heels, landing on some rocks hurting my lower back and shoulder on my left side. It was just outside Geelong and after continuing for a little while the pain became unbearable so I turned back to town. Figuring a little rest may be in order I checked into a hostel for a night hoping to be ready to roll again the next day.

Unfortunately it didn’t prove as straight forward as that. So I visited a doctor who diagnosed the problem as possibly a pinched nerve, some bruising and recommended rest for a few days. Even now almost 5 days later I’m still struggling, riding the bike with no baggage is causing some pain, mainly my shoulder – everytime I hit a bump it feels like an electric shock shooting up my arm which is little disconcerting. It’s disturbing my sleep a bit too even in a good bed, so I’m not sure how I’ll fare in a tent with no padding. It’s improving a lot though, so I hope to be back on the road properly as soon as possible 🙂

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