Back in Australia

Part II starts here!

In April, I returned to Melbourne to complete the final leg of the original planned adventure which started in July 2006. Due to time and financial contraints the last time around I didn’t make it up the middle through the Red Centre to see towns like Coober Pedy, Alice Springs or indeed ‘the’ Australian icon – Uluru. In my time back in Europe, though it was good, I always felt like I was not yet done so I decided to return and finish what I’d started. Armed with little more than a rough route, some bike tools and my cameras I took off once more for Australia.

Last time around I had a full compliment of racks panniers and all the extra accessories I could fit in them to make the trip comfortable. In reality I didn’t need and rarely used a great deal of what I carried with me. In my time back in the UK this got me thinking, how little can I actually take to be self sufficient on the road? With this in mind I decided tackle the remaining leg with the bare minimum. Just one change of clothes, tools, tent, sleeping bag, cookset, food and water. A guy I know makes bag for couriers in London so I got him to make a bag for me. The idea being to take all I need in the back pack.

I didn’t take a bike with me, so at the airport check-in my total baggage was 13.1kg, not bad considering I was taking about 3kgs of stuff for a friend!

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